Frequently Asked Questions

I want to host a RapidFirePortrait event. Where do I start?

Wonderful! All you have to do is fill out this form and our RFP event coordinator will be in touch with you.

What is required to host a RapidFirePortraits event?

To host an event we require: -a minimum of 10 booked/paid sessions (Don't worry. You won't be bugging your friends and collecting money, we have it all set up online.) -a location that has an open space of 6'x9' for a shooting space (or, to make is easier for you, use our studio near science world. Then there is plenty of space) -your presence at the entire event It's that easy!

You have a minimum of guests, but do you have a maximum?

The maximum amount of guests is based on the amount of time we have at the location. For 10 guests take approximately 3 hours (including set up and take down). If we have a location for 5 hours we can photograph 22 guests and in a span of 8 hours, we can photograph 40 guests.

What is the event day like? (on location)

On the day of your event, we arrive 40 minutes prior to the first booked guest to set up our prep space, shooting space and selection space. When your guests arrive, you welcome your guests and introduce them to our RPF coordinator. From there, she will get them to sign in and help them with any questions and final touches to prep them for their session. She will then introduce your guest to our photographer and he will guide them through the photo session, coaching them along the way, making it "not as painful" as they thought being photographed would be. Once the photo session is finished, your guests will get a little reprieve while our portrait selection specialist prepares the portraits for selection. When the portraits are ready, our portrait selection specialist will help your guest choose the portraits they love and want to keep. At this point the guests experience with us is finished. We will take their chosen portraits back to the studio to polish up and digitally deliver them within the next 72 hours.

What is the event day like? (in-studio)

On the day of your event, we ask that arrive at our studio 20 minutes prior to the first booked guest. The rest of it is exactly like the onlocation event day.

As a host, do I have any costs?

Yes and no. If you host your RapidFirePortrait event in our studio, then no. We just require a minimum of 9 paid guests 7 days prior to your event. If you are hosting in your home or a free location, then no, but if you want to host somewhere that has a fee, then you are responsible for that cost. If you are wanting this to be a bit more of an event beyond the RapidFirePortraits, then you are responsible for those additional costs. Feel free to ask our RFP Event Coodinator any questions you have regarding costs.

What is the cost for a RapidFirePortrait session?

A RapidFirePortrait session is $225 per guest

What is included in the RapidFirePortrait session?

Each session includes: - pre-shoot tips and tricks - pre-shoot DIY touch-up bar - up to 10 minute coached portrait session - immediate guided portrait selection process - 2 professionally polished digital images delivered via online gallery - additional images available to purchase for $95 each

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