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Updated: May 5, 2019

We at Mr&Mrs Smith LOVE Katherine Lazaruk of Lazaruk Consulting Inc.

We first discovered Katherine over 6 years ago when Sarah was a client of hers and we reconnected with her this past summer at an event.

It was serendipitous that we did because a few days later she had a photographic emergency!

Yes, that is a real thing.

She was being featured in The Province and needed to submit a photo by end of business the next day. So we met her at the Courthouse and in only 20 minutes...

This is what we, over at Mr&Mrs Smith Studios, created:

The next day, she came to the studio and we shared the images we created.

Katherine felt we were able to capture, not only amazing photos in a short amount of time, but the true essences of her and her updated brand; and with that, she decided to feature them on her facebook page and website.

This is how Katherine is using her photos online for her brand:

And here is the article in The Province that Katherine was featured in:

I can't believe that you guys got all of that in less than 20 minutes!

-Katherine @ her purchasing session.

Then, in March, Katherine joined us at our customer appreciation celebration where we were gifting guests with a RapidFirePortrait session. She had no intention of being photographed that day, but, with a little persuasion, we got her in front of the camera.

In only 2 minutes, Tobin was able to capture a little ode to coffee…

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